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Overview of Our Projects

A Vision for Life: beginning 2013

The Just Help board are aiming to make permanent changes for the people of Gwainghat Thana, a remote and deprived area in Shimar Bazar next to Shabor Bazar within 4 miles from Adventure World outside Sylhet Airport. The hospital will have a 3 storey foundation of which 3 floors will be completed. Our aim is to raise 50 lac (Taka ) to be able to complete phase 1 of the project building work.

Just Help Eye Hospital

illustration of the just help eye hospital

Treatment to patients will be free to people in extreme poverty, however people who have the financial state to pay will be charged for the services.

We have carried out a number of consultations and discussions in Bangladesh to find out what services are essential and after our research we came to the conclusion that an Eye hospital was needed to be developed. Our capacity will start with a 20 bed facility.

In Bangladesh, there are a number of willing helpers who will monitor the situation as well as Hafiz Saab from Ag Para mosque and  other prominent members of the community in Sylhet will be part of the project team.

Previous projects we have delivered in Bangladesh

Water Projects

tube well

More than one billion people do not have access to clean water. Source: ONE Campaign.

Changes to water quality and availability impacts millions and millions of people around the world. Our aim is to allow the poorest communities in Asia and Africa to gain access to clean and safe water in the coming years.

There are many types of water projects that can be undertaken by a charity.
JUST Help Foundation has helped to put something in place that will give clean water to a whole area or a village and that is why it is focusing on the tube-well water project.

Mosquito net project

a mosquito feeding

Malaria kills more people than AIDS:  Globally an estimated 1 million people die every year due to malaria.
Source: Amref website May2007.

10,000 pregnant women and 200,000 infants die each year as a result of malaria during pregnancy.
Source: UNICEF 2007

The Mosquito is a killer as it causes malaria.
Malaria, transmitted by the Mosquito is Africa’s biggest killer as well as many parts of Asia.
We aim to provide mosquito nets to people who need it most in Asia and Africa.
A typical mosquito net can be shared by three to four children.

Background information in our fact-file

Distributing Blankets

Distributing Blankets

During the cold season we aim to distribute blankets to the poor. A simple blanket could save many lives. In our travels we have seen many without shelter or the basic needs for keeping warm. There are lots of people that need a simple blanket. We aim to distribute FREE blankets every year.

A donation of £25 for 5 blankets will help a family of five.

Education for the poor


Research shows that over 120 million children are too poor to go to school.
We in developed countries take education and life for granted. We have the means and get our children educated, give them a great start to life and never see the reality of the poor. Is this not the right of every child in the world?

We have helped to build places of education that will be benefit for the children and the community.

Rickshaws for the poor.

Widow Recieved a Rickshaw

Earning a living is very difficult for the poor.
They are not educated so they cannot get a decent job and rely on others.

The Rickshaw project was aimed for the extreme poor and needy who have no means on income. We buy rickshaws for poor families so that they do not have to pay rent from they earnings. We also helped towards the licensing cost of the rickshaw. We felt that renting rickshaws would not get people out of poverty but will just put stress on the families.

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